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Done in collaboration with Wei-Ting Huang and Julia Schoos


As an Experience Strategist, I was in charge of scripting the storyline and dialogue, creating assets, and designing the overall event experience.


Mixby is a micro-social networking app that utilizes geolocation technology to connect users who have attended the same event. Users can join “Mixbys” where they can upload photos they took at the event, and these photos can only be viewed by other members of the Mixby page.


Design an experiential activation that integrates Mixby in order to promote app usage amongst an audience of our choice.


We decided to spoil murder mystery enthusiasts with the ultimate interactive whodunnit: a Clue-inspired murder mystery event that lets attendees solve the murder of Brad Boddy. The event took place at UT’s Perry-Castañeda Library and had a custom narrative to match the college environment. 


The event was highly successful, and Erin Reilly, the director of Texas Immersive, declared this project “original, novel, and the most unique experience of the class.”


Participants joined the Mixby page to share photos of clues with one another.


1. Participants are split into four different rooms: PCL Café, Librarian’s Office, Study Room, and Collaborative Commons.
2. Each room contains a unique set of clues.
3. Participants must use Mixby to share photos of clues with other rooms and Zoom to discuss their leads.
4. Participants have one hour to work together and determine who committed the crime, where the murder occurred, and which weapon was used!


Suspect profiles detailing each character’s background,
relationship with Brad Boddy, and potential motives.

The blog post and Professor Plum’s plaigiarized essay provided more insight into Brad Boddy’s relationships with the suspects.

The scholarship form and PCL inventory sheet were filled out in pen the day of the event to provide more insight into Sloane Scarlet’s and Mrs. Peacock’s storylines.

Text messages between characters clued participants into
their locations and interactions.

Interview transcripts detailing the conversation between the suspects and detective.

The brief gave participants an overview of the case and their overall objective.

An audio recording of a conversation between Brad Boddy and Professor Plum.

An audio message from Gwendolyn Green to Brad Boddy.